Nick Mannie talks about Munch Innovation


The Company, Munch Bowls (Pty) Ltd, since 2014 are the original producers of the edible, wholesome crisp wheat bowl, known as Munch Bowls. The edible bowls are an eco-friendly green alternative to toxic wasteful plastic and polystyrene food containers. We are passionate about helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


• Munch Bowls, the product, won the top award at SIAL INNOVATIONS CHINA Special Innovation Award in May 2014 out of 63 Countries and 90 entries.
• Our passion is to inspire a conscious lifestyle by giving an alternative choice to the Convenient Food Catering and Hospitality Industry, locally and internationally.
• The GREEN impact motivates us to create more innovative, practical and wholesome edible eco-friendly products for the future.
• We do not compromise on brand quality, therefore our ingredients are carefully chosen. We endeavour to give the best professional service and quality products to our clients.